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It’s probably the room in the house where you can experiment most – be bold and different. You can really impress guests with a plush new bathroom. There are a number of features available that can provide that ‘wow factor.’ From fancy tiling styles to mirrors and lighting, the range of choice is incredible. Because the bathroom is now such a feature within the house, it’s a great opportunity to find one perfect for you. If you’ve always dreamt of a luxury bathroom, then it’s time to turn those dreams into reality. As the number one Manchester bathroom fitters, we are here to transform yours.

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20 Years-Experience: When it comes to bathrooms we’ve seen our fair share. Throughout our maintenance team, we have gained a wealth of expertise and skills for bathroom installation, Manchester.

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Our Bathroom Fitting Services

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A floor is more than just walking on. It should be comfortable and suit the rest of your bathroom interior. We are here to help you choose one that’s perfect for you and your home. We’ll then send out our team of expert floor installers and get you fitted. It’s flooring made simple, with fantastic results.


Don’t waste time trying to do it all yourself. It’s an incredibly complicated task, involving far too many wires, plugs, and sockets. Luckily, our complete service means we can provide you with one of our expert electricians. They are on hand to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have regarding your bathroom appliances.


It’s probably the most important thing you need. You might have an incredibly stylish bathroom, with all of the latest appliances and sleek extras, but without effective plumbing, it means nothing. Luckily, our team of plumbers and bathroom fitters know how to install the best systems.


If you’re looking to add a little bit of colour and style to your bathroom, then bathroom tiling is a great choice. They can really light up your living space – add some sparkle to what may be used to be a plain and boring room. We provide a team of highly-skilled tilers, who are used to getting jobs done on time and making big differences to people’s bathrooms.


Good plastering is a must. You may have installed your dream bathroom, but with poor plastering things start to look very untidy and will eventually cause unwanted problems. High-quality plastering is essential when installing a new bathroom. Fortunately, we have a team of highly-skilled and experienced plasterers at our fingertips. They’re only a phone call away!

Things to Consider

The modern-day bathroom is host to the early morning rush hour and the pre-sleep slump. To find your dream bathroom, you should consider what you really want from one. Here are a few things to get you started:

Storage: Get your bathroom looking clean and tidy. Don’t have stuff lying around, cluttering perfectly polished surfaces. If you’ve got a big family, make room for increased storage space – incorporate more cabinets, cupboards, and shelves.

1 or 2 Sinks? Again, consider your family size. Do you ever find yourselves crowded around one sink? Maybe an additional one would make the morning routine a lot smoother. Just have a think.

Light & Mirrors: Getting ready is never going to be plain sailing. That’s not to say we can’t make it easier for ourselves. Make sure you plan for lighting and mirrors that do their job.

Underfloor Heating: If you struggle with winter mornings, then underfloor heating is a life saviour. Stepping out onto a warm and inviting floor is far more pleasant than ice-cold tiles. A warm floor is a great start to the day.

We have bathroom fitting partners in Worcester, so if we can’t reach you and you are are based in the West Midlands, get in touch with Elgar Plumbing and Heating services for a bathroom fitting.

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